Job Title Salesman furniture
Job Description A) Greeting guests upon arriving in showroom and learning their needs for their visit, really getting to know them and developing long-term relationships.

B) Suggest means of sale improvement to his supervisor as well as determining slow moving or non-selling items and suggesting sales action.

C) Provide a consistent, seamless and positive customer experience through all channels.
D) Maintain a fully display of products via merchandising methods as laid down by the company.
E) Keep an update on changes in the company’s products range such as new items or changes in existing items as well as informing the Reporting Manager of any customer’s problems/comments on the product range or gaps in the range.

F) Assisting customers in financing, purchasing, delivery and ultimate satisfaction.

G) Receive payment and make cash / Card transactions

Responsibilities A) Daily check your area and Conduct a inspection to review the availability and positioning of price labels, product information tags and other communication media.
B) Review daily stock level on all products in his assigned area and recommends orders to the Shopkeeper.
C) Coordinates with Procurement Executive for information pertaining to stocks in his assigned area.
D) Coordinate with your reporting manager and with warehouse on the availability of stock and its delivery
Skills Communication Skills

Computer skills

Fluent in Arabic

convincing skills

Years of Experience 2 Years
Gender Male
Number of Vacancies 2